All in one stack for Large Language Model at scale for  Enterprise.

Deploy LLM models for your Enterprise,  We just launched large series of model available for pre-training and fine-tuning with on-prem deployment

Make your enterprise  AI driven

Fine tuning

 Train your LLM or SLM with your own data within enterprise. create domain-specific SLM's  with your company documentation within your enterprise


Privacy is at the core of Tupleleap , we dont use your data , We provide on-prem end-to-end solution for enterprise.


Inference your fine-tuned model deployed in your enterprise with 5x faster compared to GPT-4 with quality.

seamless integration

We provide SDK for Rust, Python and more (R, Scala, Java work in progress). Its easy to integrate with your existing enterprise applications.

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Start ups


  • LLM models (fine tuned) up to 1m tokens.
  • Up to 10000 inference request per month.
  • Hyper parameter tuning & RAG
  • Full polyglot SDK access
  • Evaluation results
  • Up to 5 Agents
  • Enterprise support
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Enterprise grade
Organization Customized offering
  • LLM models (fine tuned) up to 1T+ tokens per job.
  • High speed Inference with stable FPS (~30FPS),weight exportability.
  • Advanced Fine tuning optimizations ( PEFT, LORA, QLORA, RLHF ) sharding for model & data parallelism.
  • Host on-prem or on private or hybrid cloud with dedicate compute.
  • Model monitoring, explainability & Auditing
  • Enterprise support 24/7
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Tupleleap allows you to host your own tailormade LLM on-prem. Orgs need not move your data to cloud or outside you organization. This means there is no data leakage.

Tupleleap has in-built polyglot frameworks to train, test & inference with best of the technologies for performance.

Yes, we do Fine tuning with our polyglot frameworks built in-house on Tupleleap platform. We use best of strategies to finetune.

We have data integration pipelines to keep data updated, we do monitor Data and Model for drift and make refresh data as and when required.

Data privacy,ownership & flexibility and control are the reasons for Enterprise to use Tupleleap.

We build LLMs as well as SLMs -We train SLMs from scratch, for LLMs,We use LLama, BERT , Falcon open source projects underhood.

Yes you can download Models/weights as and when required to run it on your own.

Not sure where to start?

Speak to our AI Architect & Data Architect to understand more...